Mongolian winter is beautiful

Nomads are very hospitable. They are ready to welcome anyone with home-cooked meals and rest overnight. When people come, they are happy and like to listen to the world’s newspapers. Winter in Mongolia lasts from the beginning of December each year to the end of February next year. Average winter temperature: minus 19 degrees. Herders move their felt gers in search of pasture beauty even when it is snowing. The felt ger is built in half a day and is ready to rest in a warm home in the evening. Dried cow dung and frozen sheep manure are used as fuel to keep the ger warm. The snow melts and is used for food and household needs. Low natural pollution in the countryside. In the cold of winter, they wear sheepskin coats. Nomadic animals also drink snow. The animals dig their own fodder under the snow and eat it. Cattle, on the other hand, are not good at digging snow, but they can eat long-stemmed plants.

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