Stock Stock market

Pre Market Up Gaps Today: KODK,AMC,GME,EXPR,BB


Eastman Kodak (NY.KODK) ups +17%, +$1.68

No real announcement on KODK. Rumors flying around it.


Elon Musk tweet about NQ.AMC. He said he love AMC’s popcorn.

GameStop(NY.GME) tanks to $293, +100% up

Yesterday GME pulls back to up so strong. From $88.56 to at $147.98. Massive comeback is real. Now its doubles the yesterday closing price. Volatile is super high. Better watch your move on this wild stonk.

Express INC(NY.EXPR) +58.88%, @ $3.82

Express announces they made additional contract $140 million agreement. Still keeps the trend.

BlackBerry (NY.BB) this double b ups +23.36% this morning. Rally not slowed down yet.

This market still keep rally. Investors better make money.!!!

This is not advice. Your decision is your choise.

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