Fintech Spotlight: Alt-Data Platform Quiver Quantitative Closes $525,000 Seed Round

( – Quiver Quantitative, an alternative data platform for retail investors, formally announced the closure of a $525,000 seed round led by Wisconsin’s Idea Fund of La Crosse.

What Happened: A popular term amongst investment professionals, alternative data allows investors insight into the performance of an asset, outside of traditional sources like company and SEC filings, press releases, and the like.

Founded by James and Christopher Kardatzke — as part of a vision to democratize access to insights not already dissected by Wall Street — Quiver scrapes the internet for data, and unpacks it via an easy-to-use web dashboard.

“Hedge funds spend over a billion dollars every year on alternative data, but it has historically been prohibitively expensive for non-professional investors,” CEO James Kardatzke told Benzinga. “We created Quiver Quantitative to bridge this data gap between retail investors and Wall Street, by providing high-quality alternative data on a free, easy to use investment research platform.”

Why It Matters: Since launching in February, Quiver has allowed users access to large data sets that cover general trends like stock transactions by U.S. senators and representatives, as well as specific securities.

In further leveling the playing field for investors, Quiver has been hard at work adding data and functionality.

“One big priority is to develop a mobile app,” co-founder Chris Christopher Kardatzke added. It “will provide our mobile users with a better experience and quicker access to our platform.”

To learn more about Quiver Quantitative, click here.

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