Erdeniin Bat-Uuls trial has olsa been postponed

E. Bat-Uul, Buryat nation. His father, Erdene, was a Mongolian prose writer. Together with his comrades Bat-Uul, Zorig, Baavar and Elbegdorj, he was one of the people who overthrew Mongolian socialism and made Mongolia a democracy.
In the 2012 Ulaanbaatar election, he led his Democratic Party comrades to victory and was elected mayor.
He is a politician who has made the private property of the citizens of the capital expensive. Moreover, the start of construction of ger districts has been an effective development.
In 2016, the Democratic Party lost the election and started a private farm.
The ruling Mongolian People’s Party also sued the mayor of Ulaanbaatar, claiming that he had given preference to his son’s business. Today, the trial is being postponed again.

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