Mongolian Tsaatan winter camp

In the taiga of the Khuvsgul province of Mongolia, Tuvans are known as reindeer herders who have been herding reindeer for four seasons. A rock carving found in 1968 in Sagil soum, Uvs aimag, depicts a man riding a reindeer and holding a long spear. This painting is a fact that reindeer have been domesticated in Mongolia for a long time. From ancient times, reindeer have been herded and called Tsaatan. In the taiga, they speak Tuvan to each other. I practice shamanism. Marriage ceremonies have their own rituals. Their main source of livelihood is herding, reaping the benefits, and hunting. The Tsaatans live in the Burkeeleg, Jams, Ulaan Taiga, Tengis, Sharga and Shishgedi river basins. In Tsagaannuur soum, there are 95 reindeer herders in 19-22 households in the Western Taiga and 85 reindeer herders in 17-19 households in the Eastern Taiga.

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